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The effectiveness of systemic sex therapy on sexual desire in women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) (#201)

G. Naziri (Iran)

Efficacy and tolerability of Dapoxetine in the treatment of Chinese patients with premature ejaculation (#202)

L. Yang (China)

Dynamic interplay of erectile dysfunction and different psychological correlates (#203)

V. Shivaram (India)

Identification of biochemical differences between asthenozoospermic and normozoospermic male by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) (#204)

Z. Wang (China)

Attitudes and barriers to premature ejaculation (PE) and its treatment among men and their partners in the Asia-Pacific region – results from a web-based survey (#205)

G.E.G. Lee (Malaysia)

Recovery of heat stressed spermatogenesis of epimedium koreanum and angelica gigas extracts mixture in rats with experimentally induced cryptorchidism (#206)

Y.K. Koo (Korea)

Therapeutic effect of low intensity pulsed ultrasound in stress urinary incontinence (#207)

Zhongcheng Xin (China)

Shaeer's Corporal Rotation III: Shortening-Free Correction of Congenital Penile Curvature, The Non-Corporotomy Technique (#208)

O. Shaeer (Egypt)

A retrospective analysis of the outcome of patients who have received surgical repair and functional reconstruction of male external genitals: 1216 patients with long-term follow-up (#209)

Z. Wang (China)

Biallelic and triallelic 5-HTTLPR polymorphisms and their relationship with lifelong premature ejaculation: A case-control study from a Chinese population (#210)

H. Yuanyuan (China)

Penile rehabilitation after bilateral nerve-sparing radical cystoprostatectomy (#211)

W. Liu (China)

Protocol-based collaboration with reconstructive spine surgery, neurophysiology and sexual medicine for diagnosis and treatment of neurogenic sexual dysfunctions (#212)

Irwin Goldstein (USA)

Sperm DNA fragmentation index and pregnancy outcome after IVF or ICSI: a meta-analysis (#213)

Z. Zhang (China)

Androgen replacement therapy improves erectile dysfunction in castrated rats through inhibition of endothelial dysfunction and corporal fibrosis (#214)

J. Liu (China)

Using autological stem cells for treatment of not obstractive azoospermia (#215)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Effect of cognitive behavioral group therapy on sexual functioning in women with gynecologic cancer (#216)

S. Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Posttraumatic arterial priapism treated with superselective embolization: Our clinical experience (#217)

M. Xie (China)

Role of PI3K/AKT in the erectile dysfunction from metabolic syndrome rats (#218)

J. Liu (China)

Late onset hypogonadism in Latvia (#219)

A. Pozarskis (Latvia)

Socio cultural practices, sexual rights and sexual health for women in africa (#220)

M. Ndoye (Senegal)

Bremelanotide: A review of its neurobiology and treatment efficacy for HSDD (#221)

Anita Clayton (USA)

Tachosil grafting procedure for the surgical treatment of Peyronie's disease (#222)

P. Drettas (Greece)

Novel technique for inflatable penile prosthesis reservoir removal with use of laparoscopic instruments (#223)

A. Staller (USA)

Efficacy of medical treatment in the form of Tamoxifen, Oral Zinc and (Diosmin and Hesperidin) in varicocele patients presenting with oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (#224)

E.A. Nada (Egypt)

Male circumcision with a disposable circumcision suture device versus conventional circumcision: A meta-analysis (#225)

J. Liu (China)

Low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction: A systematic review and meta-analysis (#226)

N.H. Heah (Singapore)

The reducing edge fibrosis graft after surgical corporoplastic (#227)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Shaeer’s Technique: A Minimally Invasive Procedure for Mons Plasty and Revealing the Concealed Penis (#228)

O. Shaeer (Egypt)

Surgical treatment of hypospadias after puberty: Challenges and strategies (#229)

M. Lu (China)

The quality of life and hormonal disturbances in long term testicular cancer survivors (#230)

M. Kurobe (Japan)

Distribution and factors associated with four premature ejaculation syndromes in outpatients complaining of ejaculating prematurely (#231)

Z. Xiansheng (China)

Plasticity of the Skene's Gland in women who report fluid ejaculation with orgasm (#232)

D. Wickman (USA)

Is it possible to predict the presence of low free testosterone levels without free testosterone measurement? (#233)

T. Suetomi (Japan)

A retrospective analysis of the influence of high dose gentamicin on IPP infection rates (#234)

M.S. Gross (USA)

The Global Online Sexuality Survey: Female orgasm from a bilateral perspective (#235)

O. Shaeer (Egypt)

Penile suspensory ligament weakness and its repair – myth or truth?? (#236)

A.K. Ponnusamy (India)

Diethylstilbestrol activates CatSper and disturbs progesterone actions in human sperm (#237)

H. Chen (China)

Relationship between volume of the seminal vesicles and sexual activity in middle-aged men (#238)

H. Taniguchi (Japan)

Penile size (length and girth) in relation to somatometric parameters and hormonal profile among Egyptian normal adults (#239)

H. Salem (Egypt)

Serum-seminal HCV viral load relationship in chronic seropositive patients (#240)

A. Hassan (Egypt)

Response to low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy in difference severity grading of ED (#241)

O. Bulpakdi (Thailand)

Herbal formulation, KH-204 reduces oxidative stress-induced testicular apoptosis via ERK and Akt pathways (#242)

W.J. Bae (Korea)

The impact of intravaginal ejaculatory latency time and erectile function on anxiety and depression in the four types of premature ejaculation: A large cross-sectional study in a Chinese population (#243)

G. Jingjing (China)

Effects of monotherapy with tadalafil on urinary and sexual function in Japanese men with untreated lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (#244)

K. Hayashi (Japan)

Efficacy and safety of long-term tadalafil 5 mg once daily combined with sildenafil 50 mg as needed at the early stage of treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction (#245)

Z. Wang (China)

The effect of focal cerebral ischemia on penile erection in the rat (#246)

K. Chen (Taiwan)

Erectile dysfunction clinic: An opportunity to identify sleep apnoea? (#247)

A. Moubasher (United Kingdom)

The impact of renal cancer diagnosis and planned treatment (radical vs partial nephrectomy) over sexual health and mood (#248)

P. Capogrosso (Italy)

Preliminary study on the relationship between gut microbiota and Type 2 diabetic erectile dysfunction of sprague -dawley rats (#249)

C. Jun (China)

Adverse effects of holmium laser transurethral enucleation of the prostate on sexual function can be mitigated by nerve-sparing procedures (#250)

Z. W (China)

Shang ring circumcision versus conventional circumcision for redundant prepuce or phimosis: A meta analysis (#251)

P. Cheng (China)

Sexual function during pregnancy in adolescent women (#252)

Ege Can Serefoglu (Turkey)

Penoscrotal access for the surgical treatment of Peyronies disease (#253)

P. Drettas (Greece)

Voltage-dependent anion channel2 Gene: May be a positive regulator of human sperm motility, not only a pathogenetic factor (#254)

Z. Wang (China)

Three years follow up of women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder treated with transdermal gels vs. injectable testosterone (#255)

C. Moreira (Uruguay)

Efficacy of selective estrogen receptor modulator for late-onset hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in Japan: A preliminary study (#256)

S. Hisasue (Japan)

Mechanical malfunction profiles in men undergoing 3 piece inflatable penile implants (#257)

John Mulhall (USA)

The comparison of post-operative erectile function after radical nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy (#258)

K. Chiba (Japan)

Biochemical hypogonadism in chronic spinal cord injured males suffering from erectile dysfunction (#259)

A. Kokab (United Kingdom)

Characteristics of secondary, primary, and compensated hypogonadism in Caucasian-European men presenting for new onset erectile dysfunction – Results of a cross-sectional survey (#260)

P. Capogrosso (Italy)

Influence of retrograde venous flow volume on pain resolution after varicocelectomy for painful varicocele (#261)

H.S. Shin (Korea)

A clinical prediction rule for sexual aversion: A preliminary study (#262)

Y. Ozaki (Japan)

Milli™ a novel patient controlled expanding dilator (#263)

Michael Krychman (USA)

Emerging role of vacuum erection device before penile prosthesis implantation (#264)

O. Canguven (Qatar)

Combined treatment of injecting platelet rich plasma with vacuum pump for penile enlargement (#265)

S. Kumar C (India)

Sexual life in patients with psoriasis in Bangladesh (#266)

M.S. Huq (Bangladesh)

Pericyte number and microvascular density change in corpus cavernosum of erectile dysfunction rat models (#267)

M.K. Zhou (China)

Transurethral resection of ejaculatory ducts had less benefit in the treatment of Chinese azoospermic or severe oligozoospermic patients with polycystic kidney disease and concomitant seminal megavesicles (#268)

Y. Zhang (China)

Surgical treatment for Peyronie’s disease (PD) (#269)

K. Nagao (Japan)

Abnormal expression of Sg I is closely related to seminal vesiculitis (#270)

Z. Wang (China)

Vulvoscopic findings, patient reported outcome (PRO) measures, and hormonal blood test values in menopausal women with female sexual dysfunction pre- and post-hormonal treatment: A retrospective single center study (#271)

Irwin Goldstein (USA)

Renewal of sexual and reproductive functions in men with transurethral catheterization of the ejaculatory ducts. (#272)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Efficacy of dapoxetine in the treatment of premature ejaculation patients who previously failed sertraline therapy (#273)

L. Yang (China)

Sildenafil versus continuous positive airway pressure for erectile dysfunction in men with obstructive sleep apnea: a meta-analysis (#274)

P. Cheng (China)

Azooaspermia with unilateral absence and contralateral palpable scrotal vas deferens: Clinical findings and treatment options (#275)

Y. Zhang (China)

The Malleable implant salvage technique: Infection outcomes after Mulcahy salvage procedure and replacement of infected inflatable penile prosthesis with Malleable prosthesis (#276)

M.S. Gross (USA)

effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy on sexual satisfaction in women with breast cance (#277)

S. Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Sexual lifestyle in male and females medical students: Results of an Italian survey (#278)

A. Moubasher (United Kingdom)

Reconstructive/ aesthetic surgery of the glans with Aquamid®, associated to penile prosthesis (#279)

M. Salas Sironvalle (Chile)

Scrotal reconstruction using three different operative methods in the avulsion injury of penis and scrotum (#280)

H. Yao (China)

Testicular sex cord-stromal tumor: Two case reports and a review of the literature (#281)

P. Cheng (China)

Flooding as a treatment for post orgasmic illness syndrome (#282)

D. Gerber (United Kingdom)

Subcoronal IPP under local anesthesia with modified Wilson's deaver maneuver (#283)

S.S.H. Park (Korea)

The sexuality of women with schiophrenia (#284)

F. Rola (Poland)

Treatment of different form of ejaculatory disorders (#285)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Masturbation of healthy and type 1 diabetics males using the European male ageing study sexual function questionnaire (#286)

S. Tribusauskaite (Lithuania)

Low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction: Early experience at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (#287)

N.H. Heah (Singapore)

Which female prefer longer penises? (#288)

K. Drasa (Albania)

Alternative sexual medicine methods for men fertility (#289)

D.K. Nadiradze (Georgia)

Profile of patients with complaints of semen loss presenting at outpatient department of a tertiary care psychiatric hospital (#290)

M.M. Maruf (Bangladesh)

The history for surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (#291)

H. Xu (China)

Successful treatment of delayed ejaculation using a masturbation aid device (#292)

J.E. Rodríguez Martínez (Spain)

Vulvar opinions on washes survey (VOWS): A preliminary report (#293)

Michael Krychman (USA)

Use of chorionic gonadotropine treatement for prevention of sexual disorders in patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism after pituitary adenoma resection (#294)

N. Katamadze (Georgia)

Current desire for motherhood and its fulfilment in Czech lesbian females (#295)

P. Turcan (Czech Republic)

Ejaculatory disorders in four centers of Medellin – Colombia. Twenty-two year follow-up (#296)

A. Carvajal (Colombia)

Removal & replacement of inflatable penile prosthesis with salvage washout, ectopic reservoir placement & scrotoplasty under local anesthesia (#297)

S.S.H. Park (Korea)

Refractory traumatic erectile dysfunction: A case report (#298)

N. Lv (China)

Testosterone in young men with erectile dysfunction (#299)

A. Dhir (India)

LISWT might prevent the shortening of penis after removal of an infected penile implant (#300)

J. Feghali (Lebanon)

Pheromones in sex and reproduction: Do they have a role in humans? (#301)

A. Hassan (Egypt)

One case of male late-onset hypogonadism syndrome that was benefited by middle-reinforcing and qi-benefiting decoction (Hochu-ekki-to) (#302)

H. Takeuchi (Japan)

Study the relationship between sexual dysfunctions and general mental health in infertile women with breast cancer (#303)

S. Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Sexual function and self-disclosure in unconsummated marriages (#304)

G. Naziri (Iran)

Sexual malfunction among elderly men: A regional survey conducted in Nairobi central business district (#305)

C. Salil (Kenya)

Approach to sexual and reproductive health in Iran and Pakistan: A comparative study (#306)

S.A. Azin (Iran)

Progesterone and its receptor in male reproduction (#307)

L. Zheng (China)

Sexual problems and menopause (#308)

S.Z.A. Nasreen (Bangladesh)

Sexual addiction syndrom in an exotic islander space (#309)

L. Buron (Mayotte)

Sexual impacts on island travelers-expatriates (#310)

G. Tixier (France)

Hormonal therapy in transgender and transexual men and women (#311)

A. Carvajal (Colombia)

Eeffectiveness of emotion focus group therapy on sexual intimacy and marital quality of couples (#312)

S. Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Clinical experience of standard channel percutaneous nephrolithotomy for treatment of upper urinary tract calculi (#313)

Y. Jinyi (China)

Kampferol inhibits growth and invasion of prostate cancer via androgen dependent pathway (#314)

J. Da (China)

Updated molecular genetic mechanisms of globozoospermia (#315)

L. Zheng (China)

Systemic review of treatment options for premature ejaculation and to compute a neuroanatomic model of a novel treatment methodology (#316)

Vasan SS (India)

The clinical application of domestic inflatable three-piece penis prosthesis implantation to treat 29 patients with erectile dysfunction (#317)

C. Bin (China)

The role of bladder hydrodistention and intravesical sodium hyaluronate in the treatment of interstitial cystitis (#318)

Y. Jinyi (China)

Sex addiction: Fact or fiction (#319)

D. Lin (USA)

Premature ejaculation in bipolar spectrum disorder (#320)

M. Khan Bhadar (Pakistan)

The application of micro-energy in ED field (#321)

P. Cheng (China)

Teaching sexual medicine for medical students: what are the education activities more indicated? (#322)

F.N. Facio Junior (Brazil)

CapG is highly expressed in prostate cancer and affects cell apoptosis, proliferation and migration (#324)

S. Zhao (China)

Association between vascular endothelial function and EHS score in patients with ED (#325)

H. Sasaki (Japan)

Emerging data regarding trends in surgical education and research financial relationships between device manufacturers and prosthetic urologists (#326)

M.S. Gross (USA)

Efficacy of group cognitive behavior therapy on body image and sexual function among women with breast cancer (#327)

G. Naziri (Iran)

Evaluation of efficacy and safety for Chinese-made three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunctionF a study of 124 cases (#328)

J. Guo (China)

The investigation of post operative sexual function of adult hypospadias patients (#329)

D. Zheng (China)

The association between erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and the efficacy of sildenafil alone in the treatment of erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation (#330)

X. Liu (China)

Transurethral seminal vesiculoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of intractable seminal vesiculitis (#331)

Z. Wang (China)

Recognizing and treating undiagnosed Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in patients presenting with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) (#332)

S. Batandjiovski (Macedonia)

Microsurgical varicocelectomy in the treatment of pain or infertility associated with varicocele: Which is superior? (#333)

Y. Zhang (China)

New data regarding HIV status as a predictor of postoperative IPP infection (#334)

M.S. Gross (USA)

New data regarding penile length preservation after IPP implantation (#335)

M.S. Gross (USA)

Transeres: support group for people with gender identity disorder with or without gender dysphoria (#336)

A. Carvajal (Colombia)

Penile transplantation: A long way to clinical therapy (#337)

J. Li (China)

Predicting high satisfaction in men undergoing penile implant surgery (#338)

M. Habous (Saudi Arabia)

Grower or shower? Predictors of change in penile size from flaccid to erect state (#339)

Faysal Yafi (USA)

The combination of Dapoxetine and Zuogui Wan in the management of patients with premature ejaculation (#340)

S. Guo-Wei (China)

Quality of life and sexual life in survivors of prostate cancer undergoing radical prostatectomy (#341)

A. Naccarato (Brazil)

Factors affecting women’s vaginal sexual behavior during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy in China (#342)

W. Jingchao (China)

The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects of the novel herbal formulation (WSY-1075) on chronic bacterial prostatitis rat model (#343)

W.J. Bae (Korea)

Effectiveness of a sex education program on sexual function in multiple scelerose women with sexual dysfunction (#344)

G. Naziri (Iran)

Ejaculatory frequency improves sperm morphology: Case report (#345)

A. Carvajal (Colombia)

Treatment of high-flow priapism with superselective transcatheter embolization in 6 patients (#346)

C. Jun (China)

Understanding the sexual habits of men taking medication for erectile dysfunction (ED): Survey results from 7 countries (#347)

John Mulhall (USA)

The optimal treatment method in delayed ejaculation patients (#348)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Hyperlipidemia impairs erectile function in rats by causing of cavernosal fibrosis (#349)

J. Liu (China)

Heterosexual communication and quality of life of mentally ill-targets for rehabilitation (#350)

B. Alekseyev (Russia)

Clinical profile of unconsummated marriages (#351)

S.R. Alla (India)

The relation between semen parameters and plasma 25 (OH) vitamin D Levels in infertil men (#352)

K. Ertas (Turkey)

Combination of periprostatic nerve block with perianal plus intra-rectal tetracaine cream improved pain control during trans-rectal ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostate (#353)

P. Li (China)

Rehabilitation of erectile function after nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy: Oral PDE5 inhibitors or intracavernosal injection? (#354)

H. Park (Korea)

The relationship between marijuana use prior to sex and sexual function in women (#355)

B. Lynn (USA)

Clinical, ultrasound and hormonal correlation in PCOS patients treated at the gynecology department of Hospital Cesar Amador Kühl (#356)

G. Fernandez Lopez (Nicaragua)

The gender values and quality of life of mental patients (#357)

B. Alekseyev (Russia)

Assessment of female sexual dysfunction and its possible risk factors among patients undergoing haemodialysis (#358)

M. Hassan (Egypt)

Global guidelines for sexual dysfunction in men with type2 diabetes mellitus (#359)

P. Ramlachan (South Africa)

When services get it right: Women with vulvodynia and their experiences of finding a way forward in health services (#360)

R. Shallcross (United Kingdom)

Comparison of schemas and attachment styles in women with vaginismus and normal women (#361)

S. Behzadi Pour (Iran)

Libido land’s map: An innovative tool (#362)

G. Tixier (France)

A retrospective analysis of risk factors for IPP reservoir entry into the peritoneum after posterior to transversalis fascia placement (#363)

M.S. Gross (USA)

Semen quality assessment in 3425 fertile men in Guangdong province (#364)

S. Zhao (China)

Veno-ooclusive insufficiency as reason of erectile dysfunction in young men (#365)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Phallic reconstruction using radial forearm free flap: The Cairo university experience (#366)

M. Abdel Rassoul (Egypt)

6 Cases of vaseline-induced sclerosing lipogranuloma of the penis (#367)

Y. Uchida (Japan)

Clinical safety and efficacy of penile low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction in non-responders to PDE5 inhibitors (#368)

S. Boraiah (India)

The influence factors of declining sperm quality (#369)

S. Boraiah (India)

Dapoxetine versus paroxetine for premature ejaculation; A systematic evaluation and meta-analysis (#370)

P. Cheng (China)

Sexual function in schizophrenia (#371)

D. Lin (USA)

VIVEVE I: Radiofrequency with cooling treatment of vaginal tissue to evaluate safety and efficacy: Results from a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled study (#372)

Michael Krychman (USA)

High flow priapism is associated with high risk of erectile dysfunction and corporal fibrosis (#373)

O. Kalejaiye (United Kingdom)

Homozygous 5T alleles, clinical presentation and genetic analysis within a family with congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens(CBAVD) (#374)

J. Feng (China)

Personal experiences of women successfully treated by Flibanserin at a single center (#375)

Sue Goldstein (USA)

Vasal vessels preserving microsurgical vasoepididymostomy (#376)

Y. Zhang (China)

The application of laparoscopic doppler ultrasound during laparoscopic varicocelectomy in infertile patients (#377)

M. Yuan (China)

A single center 4 years experience with Egydio's techique for the managment of Peyronie's disease (#378)

P. Drettas (Greece)

The surgical treatment of penile ventral deviation (#379)

O. Knigavko (Ukraine)

Penile Doppler, Vendys® and SphygmoCor® in the diagnosis of vascular erectile dysfunction: Evaluation and development of a diagnostic algorithm (#380)

S. Boraiah (India)

Premature ejaculation among English-speaking male internet users in the USA: Results from the Global Online Sexuality Survey (GOSS) 2015 (#381)

Ege Can Serefoglu (Turkey)

Effects of light-emitting diode irradiation in human vascular endothelial cells (#382)

K. Park (Korea)

Effect of sleep deprivation on hormonal axis and erectile function (#383)

D.S. Lee (Korea)

Results showing a new repetitive Extracorporeal Shock Wave Application (ESWA) for inducing angiogenesis in an animal model (#384)

W. Khaled (Germany)

Losartan preserves erectile function by suppression of cavernosal fibrosis and corporal veno-occlusive dysfunction in diabetic rats (#385)

W.J. Li (China)

Proteomic analysis of rat testis in experimental varicocoele and the function of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F in germ cell apoptosis (#386)

Y. Zhang (China)

PDGFR/STAT3 signaling pathway regulating the phenotypic transition of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle (#387)

Y. Junfeng (China)

Lengthening phalloplasty using multi-modality techniques (#388)

A. Helmi (Saudi Arabia)

Penile tissue nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (Nampt) as a potential player in the erectile dysfunction of Type 1 diabetic rats (#389)

A. Abdelhamed (Japan)

Characterization of the renin-angiotensin system regulation in cavernosal tissue of aged rats (#390)

R.A. Fraga-Silva (Switzerland)

Upregulation of Phosphodiesterase type 4 in the Hyperplastic Prostate (#391)

X. Zhang (China)

Effect of sleep deprivation on the male reproductive system in rats (#392)

J.S. Shim (Korea)

Upregulation of oxytocin receptor in the hyperplastic prostate (#393)

X. Zhang (China)

Therapeutic potential of adipose-derived stem cells-based micro-tissues in a rat model of stress urinary incontinence (#394)

Zhongcheng Xin (China)

Calpain inhibition improves diabetic erectile dysfunction in rats (#395)

J. Liu (China)

Self reported depression: Its impact on sexual satisfaction and sexual function, an Internet based survey (#396)

V. Delgado-Parra (Mexico)

Low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy can improve erectile function in patients who responded poorly to PDE5 inhibitors (#397)

C.C. Liu (Taiwan)

Effects of pornography use on the couple relationship: Results of “Bottom-Up,” participant-informed, qualitative and quantitative research (#398)

W. Fisher (Canada)

Preop vs. postop penile length/girth maintenance and satisfaction following AMS 700 LGX inflatable penile prosthesis implantation (#399)

M.S. Gross (USA)

Guo's single-armed suture technique for microsurgical vasoepididymostomy (#400)

Y. Yuan (China)

Multicenter investigation on the influence of climate in penile prosthesis infection (#401)

M.S. Gross (USA)

The anxiolytic effects of testosterone may be modulated by central nervous system androgen receptor activity in gonadectomized male mice (#402)

Ege Can Serefoglu (Turkey)

Comparison of sexual function in transsexual women who underwent sex reassignment surgery by two different techniques (#403)

F. Vedovo (Italy)

PDE 5 inhibitors multidrug therapy for erectile dysfuction – A rescue strategy for PDE5 monotherapy non responders (#404)

A.K. Ponnusamy (India)

Self-reported intromission times: a potential new tool for PE evaluation in Chinese men (#405)

Z. Zhang (China)

ED Treatment with using a second generation technology of LI-ESWT (#406)

T. Otani (Japan)

Response to low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy in difference severity grading of ED (#407)

O. Bulpakdi (Thailand)

Failing our patients - Intracavernous injection treatment success is dependent on optimized testing and teaching (#408)

Anthony Bella (Canada)

Treatment of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) with Zolpidem, a non-Benzodiazepine indirect GABA a receptor agonist: Mechanism of action and preliminary clinical experience (#409)

Irwin Goldstein (USA)

The relationship between self-estimated intravaginal ejaculatory latency time and International Prostate Symptom Score in middle-aged men complaining of ejaculating prematurely in China (#410)

Z. Xiansheng (China)

Chronic Traumatic Cavernophaty (CTC) (#411)

J.F. Uribe (Colombia)

Searching for the homologue of the human testis-specific gene TDRG1 (Testis Developmental Related Gene 1) in rhesus macaque (#412)

J. Yang (China)

The epidemiology/risk factors of sexual dysfunction (#413)

P. Enyan (Ghana)

Clinical effectiveness of Xhold® for male urinary incontinence (#414)

Nam Cheol Park (Korea)

Use of vaginal erbium laser in treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome and pelvic floor dysfunction (#415)

Z. Vizintin (Slovenia)

The results, perioperative management and complications of circular cutter with stapled anastomosis for circumcision (#416)

D. Fang (China)

Spontaneously diabetic torii fatty rats do not show erectile dysfunction under high-blood glucose levels in a preliminary study: The importance of model selection (#417)

Y. Hotta (Japan)

Co-incubation of human spermatozoa with anti-VDAC antibody reduced sperm motility (#418)

Z. Wang (China)

A patient-specific lumped parameter model of human penile erection (#419)

Ege Can Serefoglu (Turkey)

Association of STin2 VNTR polymorphism of serotonin transporter gene with lifelong premature ejaculation: A case-control study in han chinese subjects (#420)

H. Yuanyuan (China)

Prevalence of prostatitis-like symptoms in outpatients with four premature ejaculation syndromes: A study in 438 men complaining of ejaculating prematurely (#421)

T. Dongdong (China)

A Comparative Study between Two Different Doses of Dapoxetine and a Single Dose of Paroxetine on Demand in the Treatment of Cases of Premature Ejaculation. (#422)

R. Mostafa (Egypt)

Short-acting intramuscular testosterone delivered in the clinic setting remains a key patient-friendly and patient-directed option in the contemporary management of hypogonadism (#423)

Anthony Bella (Canada)

Grey-scale penile ultrasound findings in young men with erectile dysfunction (ED) who used finasteride for androgenic alopecia (#424)

Irwin Goldstein (USA)

Bio-psycho-social risk factors for female sexual dysfunction. An online survey of women from the USA (#425)

Annamaria Giraldi (Denmark)